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Stream is leading the way, we are changing the way claims are assessed and fulfilled; we have raised the bar for service, quality and innovation. Our unique products and services set us apart from the pack.

Our award-winning IT platform enables us to offer unrivalled quality of service, transparency of process and cost truth at competitive prices.

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Factual Clarity on Cause of Damage
Accurate Scope of Works for Repair
Correct Pricing for Repairs
Full Management of Repair Process
Early File Closure
Contents Claims Validation
Accurate Schedule of Loss
Correct Costing
Purchasing Leverage
Data Capture and Management
Continued Habitation
Asbestos Audit and Management
Cleaning and Drying Management
Occupational Hygiene
Decontamination Management
Detailed Causation Reports
Repair Specifications
Project Management
Unfinished Project Analysis
Project Disruption Claims
Itemised Assessment
Valuation Services
Quality Repairer Network
Quality Control
Digital or On-site 
Specialised Service
National Solutions
Surveys and Inspections
Detailed Schedules
Industry Experience